A Birthday 'Pear' 🍐

28 sounds so much older than 27, I know in the grand scheme of things, 28 is youthful (yes lets nod and all agree) however it does make me stop and think about the rollercoaster that was being 27. A mastectomy at 27 is not exactly something that I had wished for or even imagined blowing out my birthday candles years before, but I am very fortunate to have been able to have this choice in my life. Most people in their twenties travel and party… my boobs travelled (away from my body) and I had a party to bid them fair well, I think that counts.



Birthdays are odd aren’t they, you celebrate joining the earth, surviving another year and getting closer to grey hair and wrinkles. My birthday this year I can say I made something out of being 27, I reduced my risk of breast cancer and gave myself more birthdays to celebrate in the future. I also became a wife… a magical moment and commitment. Being 27 was busy!!


There are always next steps in life, sorting out my dents/gaps whatever you may wish to refer to them as, is mine. Those pesky gaps that just seem to wave at me if I wear a V-neck or a more sheer top. For those that are not on or have not been on the mastectomy journey, dents/gaps are somewhat an alien concept to you. Imagine you have wallpapered a wall, but the wall underneath has not got a smooth finish of plaster, you can get little dents appear. Another comparison- a slight pot hole in the road, that over time may grow deeper.


Filling these will be done through lipomodelling, sometimes called fat grafting. I will do a separate blog and page on this to add to the Mastect Expect website closer to the time. I have had my consultation and felt very reassured. Following my own instructions, I took a pen and paper to avoid walking about and then remembering all the questions I had.


1 year older, not much wiser…