Getting Stuck… in Your Bra

Ever tried on a top or dress in the changing rooms and got stuck? You wriggle, you worm, you stretch, you breath in, you try and contort your body in all sorts of strange ways to get yourself out… eventually, somehow, you are free! Sigh of relief, you check for escaping stray make up (on the item and your face), sort your hair to look less ‘dragged through a bush’ style and carry on with your day.

Well, tell you what is super difficult, is if your boobs don’t squish out the way anymore. Especially if the worming and wriggling doesn’t quite work due to restricted movements. All in all, ‘don’t be so stupid to put something on that will be difficult to get out of’. I think that would be the advice or knowledge gained.

6 weeks post op, slightly over excited about the prospect of saying ‘adios’ to my surgical bra at night and post surgical day bras, I tried on (at home, thank goodness) my beautiful lace bralet. Great idea. It has no padding… because why do I need that now? Its lacy, it’s comfortable and well, it’s pretty! Well, it is an over the head, racer back bralet. So no fastening on the front or back. Ultimate error and display of over excitement dominating sensible brain cells. Don’t get me wrong, looked great on. Could I get it off, could I heck! I think I did laps of my bedroom doing front bending wiggles, because I cannot lean back or sideways as it hurts. What a bloody ridiculous thing to do in the first place.

Scissors were the only way…

Mark your 6-week milestone (if you have been confined to a surgical bra) in a more thought out way. Go bra-less!