Superhero capes

Every scar has a story, many are humorous reflections of childish antics, some are from events you’d rather forget and others, like mine are like a signature. They are the signature of being brave. But what about those days where bravery just doesn’t cut it?

Now, let’s define brave. There can be tears, anxiety and worry with being brave otherwise, let’s be honest, we’d all have very few ‘brave’ moments to reflect on. Bravery is doing something out the norm, going through with something that is scary, standing up to something or someone that is mean. Many women see their mastectomy scars as a reminder that they were brave. They fought off the bully, they prevented the bully or they took a bloody good punch at the bully that is cancer. 

Many women embrace their scars and I do, probably 75% of the time, but let’s be honest,  sometimes the little lacey bra is staying on because I don’t want my clown face scars peaking out! There is a lot in the media about body confidence-too large, too thin, too flabby, too toned- good grief it’s everywhere. Then you have Love Island (which is a guilty pleasure for many) but the men and women on there, my gosh, they are not doing people favours in terms of knowing what a ‘normal’ person looks like. The image of perfection or perceived perfection has taken hold of the media and many are fighting back. In a world of ‘glam’ I think it’s only normal to take a moment and think, hmmm my wavy, bumpy, clown smile scared boobies don’t quite fit the bill! Now don’t get me wrong, I am in NO WAY aspiring or advocating the ‘love island look’, BUT there is relevance (and let’s not lie, some of them look great). Even strong confident people must sometimes have that split second of doubt or worry, especially with things of a personal nature. A scar on your big toe from where you kicked your bunk bed or a scar on your knee where you crashed your bike, isn’t something that stands out to you. But an intimate area such as breasts, well they are quite ‘out there’ in the realms of, ‘peek a boo’, there is no escaping those bad boys! 

People with anxieties and worries, you are still brave. Those that are self conscious, you are still brave. Those that have those bad days, you are still brave. I’m not standing on a hill pretending to be a strong independent  woman who advocates ‘F*ck what people think and what others look like’, I’m just making sure people know, it is ok not to be ok sometimes. It is ok to look at the tv, instagram, YouTube and think, ‘hmm they look good, I wonder if I can look like that’ (despite my best efforts my makeup will never be as flawless as @itssabrinaaa 🙌 but I can try 😂). 

Scars are a superhero cape, they show bravery. But sometimes, they don’t match your outfit or your vibe that day. That is ok.  


S x