The Doors of Doom

Returning to work you have the general anxieties of what will people say, will they know, will I be tired, will I hurt myself... the norm. What I didn't think about was 'will I be able to get through all the doors?'. Obviously this is highly dependent on where you work and what you do. I spend a good proportion of my day waking/striding with purpose around a school. However, what I did not even stop to consider was how heavy school doors are! Majority are fire doors... which in a fire would do a bloody good job of staying shut and secure... I would be long as I am on the right side of it. Classroom doors have handles, of which some do not open with ease and then you have the doors with codes!! So, you have one hand typing the code in whilst the other attempts to yank it open at the same time it releases. Well, it's got to a point where I stratigaically hover until a teacher or worse, a student opens the door and I glide on through like there's nothing odd at all. I don't feel that this is a sustainable method of moving around the site!! Those who have not had surgery will easily say 'just ask for help', well yes that is the sensible option but actually, how ridiculous and embarrassing is it that I cannot open doors? 

Onwards and upwards, I see it as a work out and a way of stretching and building my chest muscle back up. However, there are a few doors and one especially that I actively avoid. I can't reverse and shimmy through these ones, so I do a token pull with both hands and then wedge open with my foot, then slide on through the smallest gap possible at the quickest speed- if anyone sees me I do look like I'm doing some sort of dance or strange ritual. Not the most professional sight! 

On the upside I haven't been run in to by any enthusiatic children running around the blind corner on to my corridor! Silver lining!! 


S x