The dress…

I braved the bridal shop yesterday, with the anxiety of whether the dress I had originally liked, would still be ‘the dress’. I was also exceptionally nervous about whether I would be able to try the dress/dresses. Although holding my hands above my head is now something I have mastered, wriggling on poofy, tight, jewelled, laced, tulle, fitted dresses (putting all the different kinds on here in case my fiancé reads it and attempts a guess at what it may look like) is not something I can say I have tried at home! The Bridal House in Aston Clinton have been amazing, and Victoria, the lady who has helped me with my dress fitting has been nothing but supportive, understanding and accommodating. It is not every day they get brides in to try on dresses with sore boobs!

I tried on lots of different options of dresses, just to ensure that when I tried to final one on (‘the dress’) I still felt it was the perfect one. The dresses were all beautiful and actually there was a close contender to the original I had picked, until I tried on the last… and it is still, ‘the dress’. In terms of the practical aspects of trying the dresses on, most were ok and some needed a jolly along to get down over my boobs. The brick boobs, I keep forgetting, do not squish like the old, so whereas before the dresses slid on over my chest and with a small wiggle or pull it would gracefully fall… this time, some dresses just gathered above my chest! That is a lot of dress to have gather in your face!

I was measured for my dress, and I am excited that it has now been ordered. All very real! It will be ready for any minor alterations mid March.

The only aspect I struggled with yesterday was my energy levels. Being at the shop for almost 2 hours wiped me out. I got home, had lunch and then slept for just over 2 hours! I am not sure if that really classes as a nap or an actual sleep. I am still working on building up my energy levels so I can generally survive doing everyday tasks without then morphing in to a zombie. 

Has my mastectomy affected my wedding dress shopping? Not at all, if anything it made me appreciate the beauty of my dress even more. My new chest does not define who I am, I still look like me, I am starting to feel more like myself again… will I feel like an actual bride, I don’t think that will hit until the actual day!