Sweating Ice

No I don’t mean melting ice, sweating. Those that have foobs are well aware of the sub zero temperature of the chest... chesticles seems appropriate as icicles are comparable. Now, during a warmer day these blocks remain cold, quite a nice refresher for a grazing arm. However, the sweat... how can something so cold sweat? Never have I been a sweaty person and to be honest nor have I been one to talk about such a thing! Since surgery I have found that the boobs get considerably more sweaty... whilst maintaining their ice cold temperature. I wonder why this is? 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not savagely perspiring from my boobs, but I seem to now experience the under boob sweat issue?! 

Its not the most glamorous thing to share but at least this may inform newbie foobies or sympathise with those who have current perspiring poms poms!  


S x