'I feel a bit like a child who has a star chart each time I achieve a simple task..'

8weeks post op and recovery is going well. Ignoring the blip a few weeks post where I took a trip back to hospital for 5 days, everything else is going well. 

Those that follow Mastect Expect on social media will know that on a daily basis I come across things I can now do, but also other things I still cannot do. In the grand scheme of things and to your average Joe, these things are trivial. Such as scooping ice cream, is it the end of the world I can't do it? Not really. Did it annoy me, well yes, I wanted ice cream! Successes are great though, I feel a bit like a child who has a star chart and each time I do something I couldn't do previously, it's a real proud moment of getting 'that star'. Like putting my coat on, I will admit I will miss being treated like a true lady who has someone put their coat on for them, however it is a genuine feeling of achievement. Unfortunatley, I can now tug just about hard enough to open the dish washer, so I suppose not all successes are to be celebrated. 

In terms of how I feel, I am certainly starting to feeling more myself. My energy levels are on the up (I won't be running a marathon anytime soon mind you) and my general cheeriness is much better. I have however caught a horrible cold, it may just be a nasty one, or it's hit me particularly hard because I'm not quite 100% yet. It does feel like Iv got man flu, I won't lie, Iv whinged like it's man flu, and having only just had a mastectomy you'd have thought I'd have other things to whine about!! 

How things look... 

Not bad at all, the scars don't particularly bother me too much anymore, I'm conscious of them, but they don't stimulate overwhelming emotion. All I seem to think about now is how they managed to get each 'boob' out that size scar?! It's not tiny, but it's not humongous either... not going to dwell on the logistics of that one though- gross. 

I no longer have bumps or bruises, I do have however, pesky stitches still that are sticking out my skin. Some have gone down slightly, some are more committed to making me look like a Halloween costume. They just look like under the skin spots, one is quite sharp and the hypochondriac in me is waiting for it to burst through the skin like some horror movie- pretty sure it won't, hopefully!  

I am still getting used to how they feel and where they are. I know that sounds silly, I know where my chest is, but I have found when attempting to hug, I over shoot and squish them unexpectedly. I had read but only just felt it for myself about my 'foobs' as some call them, do not go with your body temperature. They are always cold. In a hot bath, cold brick boobs, jumper layers... cold chest, it's just very strange!! 

For those in early recovery or soon to be having a mastectomy, an update on the timetable of can and cannots....  

CAN- dress myself no problem, drive, be vaguely helpful in the kitchen, lift milk, sleep on my side (ish-not quite snug)

CANNOT- open jars or anything that require lifting, be fully active without needing a rest, lift the laundry basket or open the tumble dryer (what a bummer) and pull heavy doors open  

Getting there!  


S x