International Women's Day...

We are women, we have breasts. Yep I said it and threw it out there and guess what sometimes, our boobs go wrong. Tits up tits. 

I write and work on Mastect Expect because I want to make it ok to talk about. It's nothing to be ashamed about or something to whisper about. The more openly people can talk about boobs and what might be different, wrong or a worry, the safer we are making ourselves.  Whether you want to ask how to check yourselves, is this normal, what happens now, what will it look like? All of the questions that go through your head but not necessarily come out your mouth. I want to help women get to a point of saying these out loud. It doesn't mean you are being a wet lettuce about it, it means you're standing up and doing something about it, about your boobs!  

Mastect Expect looks at mastectomy surgery and I have tried to put all the details possible on there. Yes it is only my experience and what I have learnt from others but it's a start to helping someone going on the journey. I have put my experience, thoughts, feelings and also pictures, which working in a secondary school was a bold choice as there is no stopping teenagers running wild on the internet. However, I think it's important for women to get the support they need. 

Having breast cancer surgery is a frightening time for people, but let it be ok to talk about. Whether you have big, little, pert, saggy or even lop sided, breasts, breast cancer and surgery is something that is ok to talk about. Just because your boobs may be working against you or even if you have to get rid of them altogether, you are still a strong female. 

Empower women.

Happy International Women's Day.  


S x