When the foobs say 'I do'...

So realistically my wedding and honeymoon info are not going to give mastectomy patients much help, it may indulge the nosey parkers out there, but in terms of breast cancer surgery... not entirely relevant.  

However, I can let you know how my foobs behaved on the day and my experiences with them in a hotter (much hotter) climate.  

The day, well my original dress crisis from my final fitting was relived on the day. The 'gaps' you could see... well I could see, not sure others could, were out on display. The tape that we had organised to stick it down had gone astray, therefore it was action stations for the venue and family to find body tape that would hold my dress to my very bare upper chest. Damn not having breast tissue and fat when you need it!  Thankfully I had 'tit tape' by the dozen, however it only held for about an hour and my hair kept getting stuck to it, ha! In the end I gave up, embrace my new shape and gaps. It is what it is, it wasn't going to ruin my day. Luckily our fab photographer Marcus Charter was in the know and ensured that any gap shadow photographs were avoided. The only snap that was taken by a guest (and actually one of my favourite because of the natural state we are both in post confetti walk) with the 'gap' on show was this one...


Something to be mindful of is that foobs do not hold heat. I had noticed this in the UK, but let's be honest, there isn't much heat to be held. So whilst we were sunning ourselves in 35 degree heat it became very obvious that the foobs.... remained iceeeee cold! It's a very odd experience, it takes you back to the 'foreign object' phase of recovery.   Your body is glowing (polite word for bloody hot and sweaty) and your chest, well, chest freezer is an appropriate comparison. It becomes almost a novelty, lie out in the sun, feel like you're on the surface of the sun... nope, still freezing. Go on a bike ride (yes bike ride!!!) and feel like your whole body might melt in to a big heap... ice! Very odd. 

Moving on to what I can do now, probably more useful to the active type, on the holiday it was obvious at how much strength I had built. Physical and psychological. 6months ago I couldn't get myself changed or open a pot of coffee... 

A few weeks ago, I swam, kayaked, drove a blinking heavy quad bike and felt confident in a bikini. All things that were certainly not achievable half a year ago.  


Progress from a mastectomy is both physical but also psychological. Finding a bikini was tough, because at the time of shopping I was still at the alien blobs on my chest stage. But now, after a few good purchases from ASOS, I felt ok. Maybe it was because I was surrounded by strangers rather than those that would be looking to see changes, but even so, it worried me for a split second, that was all.  

Those of you in early stages of recovery or about to go in for their mastectomy, It's a journey, and like all journeys it has pit stops, quick parts and frustrating traffic jam feeling parts.  

Hope you all had a lovely Easter.  

S x