Anastacia Tears Mastectomy Scar Tissue 3 Yrs Post Op


In 2013 Anastasia under went her mastectomy to fight against breast cancer. Even now, 3 years later it goes to show that you will have times where you are taken back and reminded about the pain, recovery and process. Last night on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Anastasia was unable to dance due to tearing her mastectomy scar tissue. Brave Anastasia danced on Saturday night but made the brave but sensible decision to not go ahead on Sunday’s. The BBC news summarises what took place.


‘Anastacia's injury - a tear to a scar from a double mastectomy - had forced the singer to perform a modified routine during her initial dance. The performance aggravated her injury.

After hearing she was in the dance-off, she initially said she would dance although she was "scared" of hurting herself. She later changed her mind and pulled out.

Odoom said after the show: "I love Anastacia, I think she's a great woman, she's a great role model and her health comes first before everything else’.


This leads on from my blog yesterday regarding self-confidence and independence. Having a mastectomy alters your life, and although it is a positive action to stand up to cancer, it brings its sacrifices too. I really do feel for Anastasia as 3 years down the line she is enjoying her life, working hard on strictly and nailing those dance moves. I hope her recent injury due to her mastectomy does not knock her confidence. However, putting her health first was the most important thing to do.


S x