Breast or Bottle? Seems to be topic of the day! What about the boobless?

Breast or bottle is the question of the day. It’s on the news with everyone voicing their opinions of what is right, better and advisable for new baby (and new Mum). 

When having a mastectomy the breast feeding situation is an area of consideration. Like all things in life, people have VERY different opinions. For me, it was a short thought process which consisted of, ‘do I want to breast feed when I have children? Hmm well if breast cancer hits and wins, it’s a highly irrelevant question’. On the scales of what outweighed what, living to have children won against hopefully living to then breast feed- not really a coin toss deliberation. I think as Iv got older it’s probably crossed my mind more, as my friends have babies and talk about these things. I do wonder if il be ‘missing out’ on a particular element of raising a baby. However, I still firmly believe that having a Mum around, top trumps the benefits of breast feeding! It’s not a selfish choice, it’s not to be misunderstood as ‘I choose my life above what is better for my future (currently fictitious) child’. I am saying that being alive and well to play with my child, watch it grow up, keep it safe from seeing its mother go through trauma is what is more important to me. You can’t sugar coat life or wrap children up in cotton wool so they are not exposed to the harsh realities of life, but you can protect them from the the things that can be prevented. You wouldn’t put a child on a bike without a helmet and say ‘cycle as fast as you can’. There is a danger there that can be prevented. They might fall off and scrape their knee or require a few stitches, but it won’t be a cataclysmic disaster. Having my mastectomy, with my future children in mind, is like me putting a helmet on their bike ride. Iv protected them. Life is unpredictable and there will be dramas, pains and ‘band aid’ moments, but for this element, breast cancer taking their Mummy, Iv strapped elbow, knee pads and a helmet on my future children.

S x