So one thing I found since my op is that my immune system seems to be shot to pieces. Now, I am no doctor but I imagine it is a combination of the op, the week back in hospital and all the many many antibiotics I have consumed over the past few months. Which upon reflection, is a lot! So this may be very specific to me, but then again it might be common. 

Even now, it seems if I do a weeks worth of work, ok, so the week before last I perhaps over did it with approx 55-60 hours of work in the week, knocks me for six. My body just shuts up shop and out comes flu like symptoms. Shivers, temperature, all sorts. My body and brain do not seem to be on the same wave length of getting on with life as usual! Everyone else gets a sniffle, BOOM I get flu. It is a tad frustrating. Especially as I am a bit of a nerd, and do love my job, as it's getting to a point I am not winning against my immune system! Taking a day off is something I really hate doing, especially as Iv had a considerable amount of time off this academic year already due to recovery. Other teachers I'm sure can appreciate the overwhelming guilt of missing precious A-Level lessons and feeling of letting them down. Along with other classes and a year group finding their feet. I am determined to push through!! 

Another experience I have had is a skin infection, some form of bacteria that led to my face... yes my face (great) being all red and flakey. Apparently this was a reaction to what my body had been through and all the antibiotics I had had in my system. It was most on my eyelids, which was a real bugger when I received 2 amazing eye shadow palettes for Christmas! They had to be put to one side for a few weeks. A prescribed topical cream did the job, but it was another example of an after effect that wasn't overly pleasant... or expected for that matter. 'Er yes I have a bacterial infection on my eyelids because of my mastectomy'.... well you'd just laugh wouldn't you! How stupid! 

I have realised that this reads as exceptionally moany and pitiful which isn't the intention. Well, I admit I may be using it as a venting platform too. But ultimately, it's just a heads up that a bit of a vitamin C increase and google of immune system boosting things might be a good plan. At the end of the day, what harm can it do? 

I did try 'pinterest' an image or quote about the immune system as an attachment, all I could find were ones about how cuddles can help relieve anxiety and boost the immune system... -I feel like crap, I don't want a bloody cuddle, I want a solution! Completely appreciate that some people may believe in this and it may work for them, however I would be lying if I said it was my kind of thing!! 

In all seriousness, there are so many people in the world that have it so much worse and who I am sure, are so much braver. Men and women out their have illnesses or treatments that do attack their immune system, so it is important to by mindful that having the flu and flakey skin is nothing in comparison. This is what keeps me from moaning to high heaven about it. But I thought it was something to flag up just so all those undergoing a mastectomy or currently recovering, could be aware.  


S x