Spontaneous Response to Decision...

A question I get asked a lot is 'what did you do and how did you feel when you made the decision to go through with a mastectomy?' I have given many interviews with the sensible responses, which were true .... as or me it was very logical& on the surface this is how I dealt with it.

However, how did I cope? Well I was fine taking about it, researching it, preparing for it but... I did however spontaneously decide to have several inches of my hair cut off very shortly after getting the news!!! Different people do different things in those 'moments'. I think, for me personally and upon reflection, I needed to feel 'in control'. Life was moving very quickly and I needed to do something to show I was the boss- chopping my hair off seemed to be how I 'coped'. It also meant everyone was more focussed on my hair change, that became my talking point. At the time, obviously to me, my mastectomy and spontaneous behaviour were in no way linked. But looking back on it now, there is definitely some correlation there!!! 

Its just something to be wary of, especially if you are strong willed/bloody minded like me!