Playing scar 'peek-a-boo'

This week has led me to discover a post op wardrobe challenge. Now, it's not seasonal at all, but I do have two good reasons to be trying on my bikini collection!

1. When we are not quad biking and pretending to be adventure seekers on our honeymoon in April, I do intend on spending a large amount of time on the beach with cocktails- therefore bikini is a must.  

2. More seasonal... if we wrap tinsel around it... hot tub! Over the Christmas period a dip or two in the hot tub at Mums will be high on the agenda. 

So, with these upcoming events, I thought I would try on my bikinis and double check that they still look/fit ok. Well, it's a good job I did. The two issues I stumbled across was padding... which used to be a friend of mine, and scar coverage. 

As many women would agree, a little bit of padding in a bikini top is warmly welcomed. The extra padding helps you have a shape, a little lift and compliments your natural jubblies... or deceives on what God gave you! Well, padded bikini tops have a predetermined rounded shape, which is great when you want to squish and lift your boob in to a cup. Ladies, we've all done the obiligatory 'lift the boob' so it sits a bit higher in your bikini top. However now, the shape of my bikini cup is different to the shape of my foob. Where a natural boob would 'fall'  in to the bikini cup and you could tighten the top and back string to make it fit... there's no doing that now! Where my new 'firm oranges' have a lovely rounded shape, there is a gap between them and my bikini. If I tighten the top strings around my neck, all it does it lift the 'oranges' north... if I was going for a Katie Price look, then I'd be loving life, however it's not quite what I am after!   

Next attempt, the halter with no padding. Should be quids in here. So the lack of padding works well, no gaps at the top, winner. But, the triangle shapes of either side are not being understanding of the fact my foobs now have a longer diameter. The diameter of each foob is much 'perkier' and longer. Also, just to highlight the diameter even more each has a lovely scar straight across the middle that looks like each foob has an equator line. So, what I found was that the triangle of the bikini top did not cover the scar completely on both foobs. I could shimmy one side to have a good coverage but then I'd look to the other foob and then BOOM the other scar would be peeking out slightly. So what it amounted to was a game of peek-a-boo with my scars trying to stretch the triangle material over each foob. I managed to position both so there was full coverage, which will probably work for the Christmas hot tub as the only action I intend on doing is lifting a prosecco glass. The honeymoon however, I feel I may be giving other swimmers an extra show whilst dolphin swimming! I think this can be resolved in just buying a bigger size of this style. Not the end of the world. But it does mean that my obsessive 'must have a new bikini every holiday' collection has lost its worth! 

On the upside, its sale season. A bit of online sale shopping should sort the issue out. Being a firm fan of shopping, this is not a hardship at all. It's more of a case of a sarcastic 'oh dear, I will need to buy some new bikinis, how annoying'. But for some people I appreciate this may be another frustration. 

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and wish you a happy new year.  

S x 

ps. ASOS currently have a great bikini sale! 

The bikini pile on the festive duvet - slightly contradictory 🎄🕶

The bikini pile on the festive duvet - slightly contradictory 🎄🕶