Once I was back on the ward I did feel very nauseous but other than that, I was ok. Wednesday was a bit of a blur, I was up talking to people and in good spirits. I even managed to take a few pictures and apparently send snap chat photographs out! The pain was not as bad as I thought it would be, of course it hurt… it was always going to. But with regular pain medication it was manageable.

Thursday, once I was down from the morphine cloud it was more painful but this was mostly due to the drains. When you wake up you will have a small tube coming out from either side of you, which leads to drain bottles. My left drain really stung on the first night but eased off as time went on. I was due to go home on Thursday but a combination of medication etc. did not quite agree with me so I stayed until Friday. 

on my Morphine cloud

on my Morphine cloud


It isn’t a walk in the park, but I am a firm believer it is down to attitude and mind set. I could have sat in my bed and whinged about how much it hurt to do simple things and feel sorry for myself… but that wasn’t going to make me feel any better!! Be brave. You have got this far, which means you are brave, keep staying strong!

 I had reconstruction in the same surgery so I can only speak from what I experienced. The pain/s are difficult to describe, there are so many different types of feelings you get afterwards. You feel bruised, tight and heavy chested to start with. I had a nerve block so on day 1 (in addition to being on a morphine cloud) I was ok, however as it starts to subside and your nerves realised they’ve been jiggled with, the ache sets in. At no point was it so painful I could not move or do anything, if you take pain medication diligently you will be ok. The only way I can describe the first couple of days is a bit like being kicked in the chest by a horse, but it gets better. Promise. My new boobs themselves did not hurt, it was the skin and areas around them. A week later my armpits and just below was very tender- a new experience, having sore armpits, but I ordered myself some ‘Jen’s Friends Mastectomy Pillows’. These helped rest my arms somewhere that wasn’t directly on the sensitive area. Everyone’s pain threshold is different, however being a well known wimp in the past, if I can manage, I believe you can too! Do not sit, vegetate and dwell about the pain, it is tempting and very easy to do, but getting up and dressed makes you feel more like yourself much quicker! 






I took this a few hours after waking up from surgery. I was clearly feeling chirpy! I was not as chirpy the next day, but I did not fully crash and burn. Try and stay positive. 

S x