If you are like me, you might like a checklist! 

  • Slippers
  • Button Up Pyjamas, a nice pair (remember, 'look glam, feel glam'). I got mine from Marks and Spencer. They have a great range, I chose the Rosie Huntington-Whitely range and opted for the trouser and short options with the button up shirt. They were perfect, and got many compliments from the nursing team! 
  • Dressing Gown- you will want this when you are taken down the theatre. You beautiful surgical gown has a gaping gap down the back. No matter how nice your under garments may be, dressing gown is advised
  • Wash Bag- sponge/flannel, shower gel or soap, toothpaste, dry shampoo, hand cream, hair brush (you will need to ask someone to help with your hair- more on that in the 'After' section. You may want to pack some face wash and moisturiser to help you feel more life like and fresh
  • Electronic Toothbrush-saves your arms having to do most of the work. I found it really helpful as I was tired and  obviously, my chest hurt which hurt more when I moved my arms. No need to splash out on an expensive super duper one, unless you want to. I picked mine up in a promotional offer in Superdrug
  • Drain Dollies- the light over the shoulder bags to keep your drains in. Very useful when going to the bathroom and then when you get to travel home.
  • Knickers, Socks and Going Home Clothes- I am a firm believer in packing spares. You just don't know when you might need a spare pair of knick knacks! 
  • Extra Long Phone Charger- as mentioned in the shopping section, reaching around and up to the well placed plug sockets above your hospital bed is near darn impossible. This just made life easier and cheap as chips to buy on eBay
  • Entertainment- colouring book, netflix on your phone, portable DVD player, a good book, a fully charged kindle, puzzle book... anything that will fill your day but also if you struggle to sleep, there is nothing worse than staring at the wall or listening to the people snore around you. Don't forget to pack any additional chargers or headphones if you need them